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Hospitality is hard enough, and if you aren’t serving top notch coffee, you’re likely not making it any easier. And with Australia officially the most discerning coffee nation on the planet, you want your baristas to be bashing out the best.

At The Grounds, we’re well aware of how much coffee is out there – we walked past six places just on the way to this paragraph. That’s why we want to help you create a point of difference – first by supplying a quality coffee, and second by mentoring your business to focus on providing not just a product, but an experience for your customers.

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That’s how becoming a coffee wholesale partner works. So if you think you share a similar outlook on life and would like to team up and do great things, get in touch with us below.

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Read more about how we became one of the top coffee distributors in Australia and how the Grounds coffee, our coffee wholesale division can help you to become more successful and profitable.


  • The Grounds Coffee

    Our coffee is like a group hug between the farmers at the source and innovative roasting at the tasty end. When it’s all boiled down, we’re just looking to source coffees that we think are amazing and we try to support farmers and projects that we want to continue to working with well into the future.

    We support initiatives that reward farmers for their commitment to quality – whether that be financially, through training at farm level or incentivising through the supply of organic fertilisers and pesticides.

    We support as many good things as we can to get the coffee here and then we do some more good things to create the perfect coffee experience for our customers. It’s not rocket science, but it occasionally resembles it.

  • Venue Training

    Whether you’re familiar or not with how a café should be run, there’s always more to learn. We’re big believers in education. And that’s why we offer a 3-month traineeship to our Roastery partners. During the traineeship you get to learn first-hand about all the different aspects of our business by spending time in our various departments and learning how they operate.

  • Knowledge

    Your business is about more than just good coffee – which is why we hold a Business Masterclass each quarter. These are no ordinary chinwags – they’re proper deep dives into things like operations, marketing, social media, coffee innovation and more. Along the way, you’ll learn from a revolving door of business experts, all incredibly generous with their time and knowledge.

    Our team includes an in-house stylist, social media manager, brand manager, professional photographer and hospitality business specialists – happy to also assist you in developing your business.

    We like to think that in regards to venues, we make some of the best in the world, we want to share this knack with our partners so that they partner for more than just coffee.

  • Venue Photography

    Because we experience so much through our eyes, it’s vital that your business looks the part. So say cheese, because we’re going to take professional shots of your venue and menu items, with the photos then edited and sent to you for use on social media or other marketing. (If you’re curious, our creative team includes an in-house stylist, social media manager, brand manager and professional photographer – happy to also assist you on other projects.)