Word on the street this week is that we have a new site popping up over at South Eveleigh, and we have to say, we’re pretty stoked that the cat’s out of the bag and we can share the exciting details with you.

We could sit and harp on about how passionate we are about coffee all day, but the proof is in the pudding on the plans we have for the new site. If you asked our Founder & Creative Director, Ramzey Choker, what he’s most excited about, it’s definitely going to be how beautiful the site will be. Ramzey’s definitely a dreamer, and he’s dreaming up big plans for the space so stay tuned.

With a giant coffee roastery as a design centrepiece, the location will also feature a research & development lab (yeah, Nick’s ecstatic) and espresso & brew bars. There will be a huge coffee focus at The Grounds Roastery, and we’re planning to bring you a coffee experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.

For our Head Roaster, Nick, it’s pretty much wonderland, “I’m most excited about it being a coffee focused venue and having state of the art facilities to show off what I love most. I love sharing great coffees and creating memorable coffee experiences so it’s going to be heaven. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see what the future holds on our journey.”

For our wholesale ops manager, Oli, “Our new Roastery will give us a new base and more space to keep driving quality and enable us to carry out more experiments and develop innovations. We hope to make hectic (to be fair – I think Nick has trademarked ‘hectic’ in regards to coffee) specialty coffee even more accessible to the masses and we also can’t wait to help our wholesale partners grow with somewhere new to learn, train and play.”

That’s all we’ve got for now.
Stay tuned for some big news to come with this space. We can not wait to share it with you.