By Therese Moussa, The Grounds Creative Developer & Stylist
This article was first published in Cafe Culture Magazine

When considering ways in which you can keep your brand relevant and successful, the look and feel of your venue plays a pretty important role. Great food & coffee will often only take the success of a business so far, and so it’s important to create a environment that your customer wants to come back to, again and again.

The concept of sharing experiences and content through social media is a must-tool for driving more business and at the end of the day, we all want our venues to look more & more beautiful. Here are my key tips for working with themes and different elements to consider along the way, no matter the size of your venue or budget.


Building a strong theme into your space will create a feeling, which in turn will create the ambience and energy that will attract people to your venue time and time again. While your theme could be absolutely anything, be mindful that it drives the overall vision you have for your brand and what your company stands for.

When building your space or refreshing the look, make sure your theme is communicated throughout the whole space. This doesn’t start and stop with wall paint and fittings, instead think about every single element that your customers touch; from the colours and textures of your tables and menus, to coffee cups to plates.

A good place to first start is by piecing together a mood board to create one cohesive vision of what you envision your unique venue to look like. Take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, whether it’s different creative industries or spaces throughout the world, and find elements that will work to bring your vision to life.


Another tip is to consider the physical journey your customers take through your space. It’s important to make them feel comfortable and in control. Ensure there’s clear signage where they’re ordering from, where they’re paying and where the’re picking up from, as well as any other key points, so they feel at ease.


Refreshing your space doesn’t every few months need to be a costly exercise, and little tweaks will make a real difference to the overall feel of your space, which can be particularly refreshing for your everyday customers.

Changes can be as simple as introducing clusters of plants and greenery in your space, fresh plateware for a new menu (stores like Kmart have ridiculously cheap options), or new styling elements from cheap, if not free, online stores like Gumtree. Remember, just because an item is expensive, it doesn’t make it the best option. If something works with your theme, go for it. Don’t be shy to ask people to borrow things either! You’d be surprised by what you find around The Grounds that’s been borrowed or donated- it all adds to the feeling and allows us to keep updating and refreshing our spaces constantly in a pretty cost effective way.

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