Our Story

Coffee is an experience, a moment to share with someone, or simply that daily ritual that keeps you grounded.

  • History of The Grounds

    Once upon time, a café owner named Ramzey Choker decided he not only wanted to serve amazing coffee, but he should also learn how to make it himself. So, he did what everybody does. He googled it.

    One “world’s best barista” Google search and a phone call later, and Jack Hanna rocked up to teach this café owner a thing or two. Over the lessons that followed, Ramzey would return the favour by sharing his own business insights and a beautiful friendship developed over the ultimate friendship maker – coffee.

    Fast forward to 2011 and Ramzey had a new café ambition – to transform a disused industrial carpark into a bustling city sanctuary filled with wholesome food, vibrant gardens and coffee. Amazing coffee. This time he didn’t need Google to tell him that he and Jack would make an awesome team – the perfect blend of coffee and business.

  • Our Coffee Philosophy

    Today, we supply not just our own venues but also a cosy selection of like-minded wholesale partners. And as the gardens have grown at The Grounds, so too has our desire to push the bounds of coffee innovation. It’s our passion that keeps us trying new things.

    If our Loring s70 roaster had a middle name, it would be “consistency” – such is its uncanny ability to squeeze every last drop of flavour from our beans. Our vision remains as strong as ever – not to follow trends but simply to create the very best coffee experience for our customers, every time. So, that’s what we do.

Ramzey Choker - The Grounds Co-Founder and Creative Director
Ramzey Choker
Founder & Creative Director
The Grounds Roastery | Mark Treviranus
Mark Treviranus
Head of Wholesale Operations
Nick Ferguson Headshot
Nick Ferguson
Head Roaster & Licensed Q Grader
The Grounds Roastery | Andy Liu
Andy Liu
Account Manager & Trainer
Therese Moussa - The Grounds Creative Developer
Therese Moussa
Creative Developer & Head Stylist
The Grounds Roastery | Paul Musumeci
Paul Musumeci
Wholesale Sales Manager

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