There’s been some incredibly exciting new developments taking place around our Coffee Roastery business over the last few months and we thought it was time we spilled the beans on what we think is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread (it’s hard to believe that before people sliced bread they just tore it to pieces. Savages).

When you approach your boss and say “oh hey, we were thinking of buying a $400,000 real deal, ridgy didge, blow your mind roaster” you kind of expect to be laughed at and ‘calmly’ escorted from their office. But as you may gather, that’s not how it went down.

When we pitched the idea to Grounds Director Ramzey Choker, he was all ears and basically said “let’s do this”.

So we got the hard bit out of the way, but then we had to decide where to put it…

…  <—– insert dramatic pause for effect…  this part has taken us bloody months!

The Grounds Roastery

However, we’re extremely excited to announce that we now have a site just around the corner, and within a matter of months we’ll be roasting and supplying you coffee like never before!

Our new facility will be our one stop Roasting shop. Complete with our own S70 Loring Roaster, smaller Probat 12, lab and an automated packing facility, we’re incredibly excited to see our capabilities and quality rise to new heights and to genuinely begin innovating within our industry.

There are Roasters and then there are Lorings. Lorings are machines that make traditional drum roasters look like they only brought a knife to a gunfight. They have a degree of technology and control otherwise unseen within the industry until they broke into the market in 2003.

The Grounds Roastery

So what’s all the fuss about a Loring?

a) The Loring can save as much as 83 percent on fuel costs, which means it produces 83 percent less CO2, a known greenhouse gas. Ludwig Loring was initially motivated by the idea of creating an environmentally friendly roaster that was smokeless.

b) The heat transfer properties of a Loring stainless steel roast chamber, combined with convection heating process and responsive thermocouples, allows you to precisely control your bean temps, as well as make quick changes to the heat inside the roast chamber.

c) With virtually no contact with the outside atmosphere, the consistency of the roast is guaranteed.

d) Decreased oxygen and increased level of humidity produced within the roaster lead to better tasting coffee

– higher humidity leads to the beans retaining more moisture and oils which produces better results.

– lower oxygen levels mean less oxidation, causing the roast to degrade slower and maintain aroma and taste.

“An important factor, however, of what’s really helped the company gain international attention among specialty roasters has been the quality of the roast produced, says Kleist, Loring’s Vice President of Sales. No matter the efficiency of a machine, he says no roasting technology will be truly “sustainable” among top roasters unless it consistently produces great tasting coffee. Ludwig made use of advanced digital controls in his design so the every roast master could enjoy improved control of the roast environment.

“If you think about the holy grail of what specialty roasters are looking for, it’s the ability to be able consistently reveal the native flavours of high quality beans,” he says. “To be able to correctly balance that acidity, sweetness, and mouth-feel, that’s what roasters are looking for.” – Global Coffee Report 

To see a little more about how the Loring machine’s work, check out this video.

The Loring is being installed this week and the excitement levels of our team are through the roof. Nick’s so wide eyed and excited that it looks like he’s drunk 12 coffees (which he really may have). Over the coming months we can’t wait to get things fully dialled in and tested so that we can get this bad boy firing!

The Grounds Roastery