When we secured a few (and by a few, we mean 28) coffees from one of the most innovative and highest quality producing farms in the world, we thought on the only reasonable thing to do was to share in the experience with you. Well that’s a lie, in years gone by we’ve cupped these in private since they’re so exclusive, but this year we had a change of heart.

The Gesha Village is known for producing one of the best cup profiles in the world, and having these coffees in our hands is an absolute highlight of our year.

It was a pretty casual affair after hours in the cafe, although we were privileged to be able to host an Ethiopian coffee ceremony on entry (which doesn’t sound so casual afterall) and shout some traditional Ethiopian food.

Nick & Andy kicked the evening off with some background on Gesha Village and their annual auction (more on that below) and then it was straight into the cupping, with our guests making their way through 28 cups while talking all things coffee along the way.

Our next event in the calendar is our Panama Cupping Challenge (there’s a little more at stake with this one, with a Moccamaster Thermal 1.25 Litre with Thermal Carafe thanks to Moccamaster up for grabs). Find out all the details and grab your tickets here.

The Grounds Roastery Ethiopian CuppingThe Grounds Roastery Ethiopian Cupping


A little more about the Gesha Village Coffee Auction:

In 2017, Gesha Village held the first-ever private-estate coffee auction in Africa. Due to the overwhelming success of the inaugural event, the auction is now an annual event taking place each May or June, offering coffee roasters and enthusiasts worldwide the opportunity to taste and purchase the absolute top coffees that the farm produces.

This year, the quality control team evaluated more than 130 lots, selecting a limited number of top quality lots—those scoring 88 points and above—for auction. Pride of Gesha features three carefully chosen categories: Champions Reserve with seven lots of our very finest; Farm Reserve with 13 super-specialty lots; and Innovators Reserve with only 6 exclusive experimental offerings.

Images thanks to @backyardopera and @toniveziris