FAQ – The Grounds Roastery

So you’re eyeing off our coffee, and think it might be the right fit for you but still have a few questions?

You’ve come to the right place… Scroll down for a few answers that should help you out.

If there’s something else we’ve missed, or you’re ready to get down to business and join the family, give Oli a buzz on +61 419 650 678 or fill out a form here.


  • How often does the variety of my coffee change?

    We rotate most of our single origin coffee every 1-2 months, however we often have super special coffees which tend to only be available for a more limited time.  We aim to keep our blend as consistent as possible, it’s what your customers should expect. The regions we buy for our blend largely remain the same, but we are constantly adjusting and tweaking to keep a consistent flavour throughout the year as fresh harvests become available.

  • Where do you source your coffee from? Are these sources sustainable/ fair trade?

    All over the world! Our Seasonal Blend is very consistent, with coffee from Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia and India. We buy all of our coffees seasonally and roast them when they are at their best to preserve the unique characteristics of each origin. We use only the very best green bean importers in Australia and also have some great relationships with farmers in Colombia, Panama and Brazil, just to name just a few.


  • What training do you offer?

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our coffee, and that means yours too, so we’re stoked to have our very own Training Manager and qualified Q Grader, Andrew, as an invaluable wealth of knowledge. We offer regular barista workshops in our research facility as well as on-going, more site-specific training for you and your team within your own venue.

    In addition to the hands on, coffee focussed training, we hold quarterly Wholesale Masterclass evenings, where we invite our wholesale family to The Grounds to hear from our team of experts on a myriad of topics to get an insight into the way we do things here. These can include deep dives into our P&L with Director, Ramzey Choker, or tips for creating content and growing your audience with our social media superstar, Sara Ogden.

  • Will you help me in other areas of my business?

    Absolutely – this is one of the things that really sets our business apart and where we think we can add loads of value to you. We have an in-house team at The Grounds that are available to help you in all areas of your business too, including styling, business development, social media, marketing and more.

  • Will you help me promote my business?

    We love featuring our wholesale family on our social media accounts and website; your success is our success so we’re happy to shout out about it.

  • Can you help me with our social media and marketing?

    Yes, we have in-house social media and marketing managers who are happy to consult with you and give you guidance on your business.


  • How easy is the ordering system?

    It’s easy like Sunday morning! Well, Monday morning to be exact (order Monday, delivery Tue/Wed/Thu that week). Ordermentum is an ordering system that takes care of all the orders and it’s super simple to use on either a computer, or phone – so whatever your jam is, it’s covered.

  • Why don’t you supply coffee to some businesses?

    We demand a lot from our partners, and expect them to demand a lot from us in return but sometimes, the alignment just isn’t right. If you own, or are looking to open, a beautiful venue and want to serve incredible specialty coffee, we think we’ll get along just fine.

  • Do you service the whole of Australia?

    Big tiiiiiiiime! We send coffee throughout Australia. For any venues outside of Sydney (and outside of our serviceable range) we need to be super duper confident in their ability to fly The Grounds Roastery flag, so drop us a line and let’s chat through how we can make this work.

  • Where are you based?

    We’re based between our Alexandria base and St Peters roasting facility. We love visitors for a chat and a brew, so don’t be shy if you want to come and say hey!


  • What machinery do you supply and do I need to order equipment from you?

    We have some mega busy venues that put all sorts of machinery through their paces. We want to be supplying reliable equipment that we believe makes the very best specialty coffee so we tend to partner with Synesso, La Marzocco, Mazzer, Anfim and Mahlkoenig.

  • Can I use my own cups?

    For sure! As long as it enables you to serve the coffee as we intend, it’s no problemo. We think our cups give our wholesale partners an instantly recognisable link to The Grounds Roastery, which can be a helpful tool in driving your sales, but it’s completely up to you. We’ve chosen to partner with Inker for our dine-in cups and Detpak RecycleMe for take-away.

  • What servicing do you offer for equipment?

    Regardless of whether you own your machinery, or if it’s from us, we implement a substantive and preventative maintenance schedule, including water filtration and grinder blades. We’re also always on hand for emergency call outs too.

  • Do I need to use any specific machinery to use your coffee?

    Not necessarily, we do however have a huge amount of faith in the machinery we have tried, tested and trusted over the last 7 years, so we’re confident in our recommendations. As long as it’s up to the task of making great coffee through your busiest periods, we’re always open to discussing different brands than those listed above.