Are you a coffee lover who’s getting beaten by the blazing heat? The Grounds Roastery has got you covered with our expertly brewed and refreshingly smooth Cold Brew coffee.

What coffee do we use in our Cold Brew?

At The Grounds Roastery, we make our Cold Brew coffees using high scoring Specialty Grade Single Origin coffee and, you guessed it, water to make our delicious cold brews. Water makes up 93% of the ingredients required to make our Cold Brew so we “condition” our water to best extract the sweetness and delicate flavours from our coffees. To condition your water at home, simply run it through a filter system like a Brita water jug.

The second most important part of making a nice cold brew is choosing the right coffee! We like to use coffees roasted for filter brewing that give light and refreshing tastes like an Ethiopian, Kenyan, and Panama coffees—but this is just our preference for what we think creates the best tasting cold brew around.

How do we make Cold Brew coffee?

Brewing cold brew coffee begins with thorough cleaning and sanitisation of brewing tools to ensure that they are safe to use and there are no foreign objects nor residues. It doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s very important! Any residue can not only be unsafe to consume but can also turn a good cold brew to go bad, very quickly. Thankfully, once properly cleaned and set up there’s only a few steps to take before we can enjoy a refreshing cold brew.

First, we grind the coffee just a little coarser than filter coffee grind, but not quite as fine as french press. It is placed in a big filter bag and put into a large clean vessel or, if you’re at home, you can simply use a big mason jar for brewing your own.
We like to use 70g:1000g coffee to water ratio. The correct amount of water is poured into the coffee grind making sure that all the grounds are soaked. Then, we simply wait for the water to fill the brew bucket.
Next step, we place the lid on the brew bucket—or your jar at home—then refrigerate it for 24 hours. If you’re brewing at home, you can always fine tune your cold brew by adjusting the grind size in small increments to optimise extraction over 24 hours.

Once we’ve reached the desired extraction level, the best part starts… we start tasting and testing the brew solution! During this process, we use a tool called a refractometer. It sounds like a space gun, but what it does is assesses the concentration of the coffee solution.

As extraction occurs over a 24 hour period, coffee origins, processing, grind and duration of coffee degassing can affect the coffee’s extraction level. We sometimes add more of the specially treated water into the solution, to our taste, if required. If you’re not lucky enough to have a refractometer on hand, your tastebuds are helpful enough to guide you toward the perfect homemade cold brew.

So there you go, that’s the love we put into creating The Grounds Roastery Cold Brew. Are you longing for a taste? Come and beat the heat at The Grounds venues in Sydney with our Cold Brew and conquer your day—find it at The Grounds of the City and The Grounds of Alexandria.

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