With so many new and different coffee shops popping up, it’s sometimes difficult for café owners to know how to attract new customers and keep them coming through their doors. There’s lots of competition, so it’s important to stay ahead of the game and use a variety of strategies so that you keep customers interested, engaged, and back for more. Keep reading for seven ideas that will help you bring some new customers to your café.

  1. Be Active on Social Media. 

It’s hard work to compete with viral videos and established café pages with thousands of followers. Just remember that almost everyone uses some form of social media, and that different people have different tastes and preferences when it comes to what they like to see on their Instagram feed @coffee roasters Sydney.

If your café isn’t the most hip, “Instagrammable” spot in town then don’t fret – in fact, many people aren’t looking for that at all. Just be sure you’re communicating your café’s ambience, vision and delicious food via good-lookin’ photos on your social media platforms – and post regularly! You can try timing your posts at “peak” hour, usually during lunch hours or evenings, and you should definitely be engaging with your audiences. That means responding to any comments, questions and reviews.

  1. Create Deals For Your Customers.

Everyone loves a deal, and the world wide web is increasingly become a place where potential customers can find deals and discounts for their next coffee or meal. You could try offering customers a small discount on their meal if they follow your Instagram account or share your post but it’s always a smarter strategy to tie your discount to loyalty, rather than a one off purchase. The aim is to encourage people to keep on coming back to your café, not come once to claim a cheap meal.

A great example of a loyalty discount strategy is The Grounds Loyalty App. Customers who download the app are able to earn points redeemable for a discount on their next visit or they can save their points up for a bigger discount at a later date.

  1. Host Events with the Locals.

A fun way to keep things fresh at your café is to partner up with local people and organisations so that your coffee shop is even more social! You could have one day of the week with live music, by letting local musicians busk inside or outside of your café. You could also partner up with local artists and organise to display some of their work on your walls, or even host an exhibition with them. This will ensure your café is a unique space that is a part of the community, and will also help attract more customers, as your café will also be advertised on their social media.

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  1. Create a Seasonal Drink Menu.

When it comes to coffee, it’s true that a lot of people like to stick to their regular order, especially when you’re serving quality coffee beans (that’s very important!). But even then, many like to spice it up with something new every once in a while.

Seasonal drinks are a great way to keep customers interested in what you have to offer, and they’re also a fun way for you and your staff to experiment with some new flavours without getting rid of your regular menu. This is a regular part of The Grounds venues’ strategy who create a new drink to match each of their famous installations; this one for Disney’s Aladdin, went viral on social media!

Sydney's Best Cocktails at The Potting Shed, The Grounds of Alexandria

For your café, try blending some spices in hot drinks in the cooler months, and opt for fruity and floral-infused drinks in spring and summer. Think Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, but even better.

  1. Ensure Your Café is Easily Searchable.

There’s no use creating a great café if people can’t find it. Ensure that your café is listed on Google Maps, and that your trading hours are updated so that people can easily see when they can come in. Since many potential customers often search for places to eat or drink on their phone, ensure that your cafés website is mobile friendly, and that you have your menu and photos of your café easily accessible.

  1. Be Planet-Friendly.

Conscious consumerism isn’t just great for the planet, it’s great for business, as people are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their daily lives, and are more and more interested in ensuring they minimise the harm they do to the earth. You could try sourcing eco-friendly, local products, have vegan and vegetarian options for your food and drink menus, and offer small discounts to people who bring Keep Cups for their takeaway coffees.

The Grounds JOCO Reusable Coffee Cup

  1. Create a Unique Space.

You’re more likely to attract customers to your café if it looks interesting. People are drawn to different things – some like small, cosy cafés with exposed brick interiors, and some like large, leafy spaces with plenty of light. Just ensure that your aesthetic aligns with your vision, and that you create a space that your customers will love.

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