Want to take your Instagram profile to the next level but are unsure where to start?

To keep your feed looking beautiful and to showcase your amazing offering to your audience, think about creating professional looking images and tiles. While it’s ok to post raw images and candid footage on your Instagram stories, your main feed should be your highlight reel and a source of #inspiration for your community.

If you’re not a pro graphic designer, don’t stress! Here are some tips using Canva that will help you make it rain likes and followers:


Create a free account – there’s no catch (really!). Next, choose the template that is right for you. There is a section specifically for social media posts which is a great place to start. Not all specs are included so you may want to create a post using custom dimensions. For 2018 social media image sizes check this cheat sheet . 2.  SELECT A LAYOUT THAT SUITS YOUR BRAND

This is the fun part! Scroll through the free templates and choose a layout that fits with your branding and your vibe. Don’t worry if you can’t find a template that fits perfectly with your branding, you can always tweak elements including font and colours later.

Here’s an example of the same template with different fonts and colours.


Upload your own images! Even if you have images from your phone, you’ll be surprised how professional you can make them look with a few adjustments once you add them to your chosen layout. Once uploaded, you can drag and drop them into your designs. If you don’t have any images, you can browse the free stock images available on Canva or other free sites such as Pexels.


Customise your design with by changing up the fonts and colours. Try to select a font that is the same or similar to the one you use on other marketing material, such as your website, business cards or flyers to create a consistent look through your branding.

TIP: If you know your exact hex colour code, hit the ‘+’ symbol on the colour wheel and type in the #code to generate your exact brand colour (it’s much easier than guessing).


Once you’re happy with your design, hit the download button and save it in your preferred format (PNG or JPEG). You can then schedule it into your Instagram feed with a scheduling tool such as XX or XX.

TIP: When you get the hang of it, try to create multiple images at once. Planning ahead with multiple posts will keep your feed looking consistent and you feeling stress free. Simply hit the ‘+add new page’ button at the bottom of your image to replicate your template and change up the details to create a new post with a similar vibe.

The key with your feed is to be creative and test new things. Try making a series of instagram stories for a specific promotion, a Facebook cover photo or a website banner – have fun!