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Since we opened our doors in 2012, there has been a high demand from cafes around Australia to serve The Grounds Coffee. But to us, coffee isn’t just coffee. It’s more than that.

Coffee is an experience, a moment to share with someone, or simply that daily ritual that keeps you grounded. And that’s why we only wholesale our expertly crafted coffee beans to businesses that share a similar philosophy.

If you’d like to learn more and chat to our team about joining our wholesale family, submit an enquiry form below with as much info about your business as possible.

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  • The Grounds Coffee

    In an industry becoming increasingly transparent we pride ourselves on taking a sustainable and ethical approach to sourcing. By developing and nurturing relationships directly with farmers we believe that we gain a greater understanding of each coffee and its source, resulting in a fully traceable and high quality coffee.

    Our a unique philosophy both on sourcing and roasting is not determined by fashion or trends; it’s what we believe is right for us and more importantly for our customers.

  • Quarterly Business Masterclasses

    Our quarterly Business Masterclass are designed to help grow your business on every level, covering topics that include business operations, marketing, social media, coffee innovation and more. Your business is more than just coffee, and we love to share the depth of knowledge we’ve acquired through our team of professionals; converse with our directors, venue managers and coffee team to troubleshoot and learn from the best.

  • Venue Training

    Whether you’re familiar or not with how a café should be run, there’s always more to learn. We’re big believers in education. And that’s why we offer a 3-month traineeship to our Roastery partners. During the traineeship you get to learn first-hand about all the different aspects of our business by spending time in our various departments and learning how they operate.

  • Venue Photography

    We will send one of our talented team members from our creative team to photograph your venue and menu items. These images will be edited and sent to your to use in your own marketing materials and social media platforms. We may use some of these too but only for a bit of cross promotion.

    Our team excel at being ahead of the coffee serve and market trends, offering assistance on how to best implement these in your venue. The Grounds’ support network includes our in-house stylist, social media manager, brand manager and professional photographer.