Our Story

Coffee is an experience, a moment to share with someone, or simply that daily ritual that keeps you grounded.

  • History of The Grounds

    The Grounds Coffee Roastery is the vision of entrepreneurial duo Ramzey Choker and Jack Hanna. Where others
    simply saw an industrial car park, they saw a thriving urban sanctuary filled with wholesome food, lively conversation
    and world-class coffee.

    Since we opened our doors in 2012, there has been a high demand from cafes around
    Australia to serve The Grounds Coffee. But to us, coffee isn’t just coffee, it’s so much more.

  • Our Coffee Philosophy

    Parallel to the experience, is the power of the humble coffee bean. In an industry becoming increasingly transparent we pride ourselves on taking a sustainable and ethical approach to sourcing. By developing and nurturing relationships directly with farmers we believe that we gain a greater understanding of each coffee and its source, resulting in a fully traceable and high quality coffee.

    Our a unique philosophy both on sourcing and roasting is not determined by fashion or trends; it’s what we believe is right for us and more importantly for our customers.

Oliver Hand
Business Development Manager
Nick Ferguson
Head Roaster & Licensed Q Grader
Andrew Hunt
Training Manager & Licensed Q Grader

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